Technical Services 

3rd Party Integrations

We have worked with a number of clients on bespoke integrations with either bespoke software or 3rd party software. We understand how the API works, and are able to help you plan the most effective way to connect your systems with Marketo, and then provide as much or as little assistance as required to get the integration up and running.

We also have worked with clients to develop ways to run their resource ordering services through Marketo, integrated with skills tools to provide trigger based programs driven off user activity on a website, build microsites and even add tracking to your website so you can track in Marketo how far through a user gets on a video for example.

CRM Integration and Support

Both Selene and Charlie have also worked as Salesforce implementations consultants, enabling us to help you ensure the two systems work together and complement each other, and help you manage cohesive sales and marketing processes. Our experience means we can help trouble shoot sync issues with Marketo, set up or modify the integration, and also provide salesforce support where required.

We also have extensive experience working with Marketo and Sugar CRM.

Business Process Analysis

Our strong technology sales & marketing background means we are just technology experts we are sales and marketing experts too. This puts us in a position that we are able to assess your business, its people, processes and requirements and turn those into a Marketing Automation strategy as well as architect how your systems can reflect those processes and goals.

Marketo Email & Landing Page Templates

With two HTML experts within our team, we are well positioned to build responsive modular email templates and landing pages. We are used to working directly with your design agencies or in house design team, and can advise on where design suggestions may not work effectively in email or a landing page. We have developed base templates that enable us to produce anything from very simple templates to much more complicated ones with JS script functionality.

We also have extensive experience with embedding marketo forms “behind” CMS or other system forms, where you cant use marketo forms due to other back end processes required on that form. In this scenario we can “Piggy back” a Marketo form so that even though your primary form is not a marketo form, the detail will be pushed through to a hidden Marketo form, enabling you to capture data in Marketo directly.

Program Execution

Some clients don’t have the time, resources or skill sets to execute their marketing Programs, or just need some cover while staff are on leave or unavailable. In this scenario our MCA or MCE are able to execute for you for as long or short a period as required. We are used to working with different marketo instances so the upskill time is short to enable us to be able to assist you as and when required

We have also developed a unique model for using Marketo Channel tags to enable more complex attribution modelling on both the channels used for marketing (email, social, search, etc) and the offers / CTA’s you are presenting (webinar, content download, newsletter sign up etc)

This unique approach enables you to quickly and easily see which channels were most successful with which type of CTA. So for example does social works better than search for content download, does email work better than telemarketing for event attendance. What channels and offers drive the most new name sign ups?

Onsite or remote support

Once the primary project is completed we aim to ensure you are as self sufficient in marketo as you want to be. We can be as hands on as you require or just there in the background for whenever you have a question, query, issue or new requirement. There is no “minimum” amount of time for remote support. We are structured to enable you to use our services as much as you want to, even if that’s for half an hour one month, nothing the next and then 3 days the month after. We aim to be flexible as we appreciate you wont always know exactly when you need assistance and want you to be able to ask as and when and not feel you have to wait until you have multiple items you need support with.

We are also able to visit you onsite, whether that’s London, Edinburgh, Geneva, the USA or even Australia, we have covered all of these in the past and more.

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