Marketo Services


This service is for those organisations who have recently purchased Marketo and need assistance setting it up and getting users trained, as well as CRM and other integrations. There is no set format or cost for this service as every business is different and requires different levels of “set up & implementation” so we work with you to understand what your business needs from Marketo, and provide an implementation plan as required by you.

Depending on the complexity of the project, and after the initial scope has been produced, the majority of the work can be carried out remotely, but for more complex implementations we can spend time onsite as required.

Marketo Projects for existing Marketo users

Often we are asked to help clients where either they no longer have Marketo skilled users or the want to improve their use of Marketo and the skill levels within their organisation.

In this scenario we often start with an initial system audit, which can vary depending on the situation from a few hours assessment to a day or two. We conduct a review of the areas you have highlighted as needing attention, as well as some of the common areas we see problems with, and produce a report outlining our findings, assessment and recommendations. This document will then allow you to decide your priorities and how you wish to proceed. You may choose to implement the majority of changes yourselves, or prefer us to do execute some or all of the recommendations.


Both with new and existing Marketo instances there is often a need for ad-hoc or formal training. We have experience delivering training from both one on one remote sessions to executing global organisational wide classroom training across several geographies, both remotely and onsite. We set no minimum for remote training, so if all you need is an hour’s brush up on an aspect of Marketo, or some advice then we are more than happy to help.


What we refer to as “forensic marketing”. Those annoying scenarios when something hasn’t gone quite right and you cant identify the cause, need advice to rectify, or when there is a question as to if the issue is CRM side or Marketo side.

Health Checks / Best Practice Audits

If you want to know if you are using Marketo effectively, and making the most of the features to evolve your marketing Automation Practices & implement best practices, we can run an audit on your system and highlight our finding and recommendations in a clearly documented report.

Marketing Automation Development

 The promise of marketing automation has always been that it can take previously manual marketing tasks and automate them. This has led to the misconception that marketers can just ‘set it and forget it’ – underestimating both the amount of work required by marketers to make this technology work effectively and the necessary maintenance required to optimize such efforts.

But when you are balancing your day to day job of executing programs, it’s not always easy to find the time to “take a step back” and review how you are using Marketo and if you are getting the most from it.

This is where we can help. You will always be refining your strategies as you grow with marketing automation. In order to assist with this we use an approach we call Marketo Maturity Mapping. We assess your Marketo as to how and what you are utilising in the system, as well as what processes you are running through marketo, user skills levels, and annotate the levels of adoptions of each aspect of Marketo and Marketing Automation. We then use this as a “line in the sand” and make recommendations as to actions over the coming 3-6 months to evolve some of those highlighted areas. This then becomes a gradual ongoing process to ensure you are continually evolving your use of Marketo and the benefits you can reap from your Marketing Automation system

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